We hold several international certificates of the quality management system and occupational safety.


In December 2017, our company ROBI, spol. s.r.o. passed a certification audit for VCA certification. **

The company re-trains its employees to ensure continuous improvement of all activities, especially due to increasing of production and productivity quality, increasing of customer satisfaction, increasing of occupational safety and health, improvement of work and the environment, reducing of costs.

Our employees have a VCA certificate and are also competent to work at heights.


Employees are acquainted with legal regulations and other regulations to ensure occupational safety and health, with the principles of safe work, principles of behavior in the workplace, with safety procedures, with foreseeable hazards, their effects on health and protection against them.

The company ROBI, spol. s.r.o. constantly retrains employees who come to a new workplace, to a new type and method of work, if it is necessary especially in the event of changes in the organization of work or other rationalization measures.

The company provides safety equipment, including personal protective equipment.

Protective work equipment and clothing comply with European standards.